Carrot Halwa(Carrot Pudding)

If you are an Indian, you would know three things for sure – The Taj mahal, Bollywood and gajar ka halwa(carrot halwa/pudding). Carrot Halwa a luxurious Indian dessert which needs no introduction. you see this carrot halwa being served in every wedding, birthday’s, reunions , home party’s most often topped with a scoop of your favourite ice cream.carrot_halwa_header

I love this more than any other sweet, it has carrots, ghee, sugar and milk and what’s not to love about this. Except those extra fat around the belly, which i really don’t mind accumulating in the winters.. As somebody said its one life and why not spend eating and doing things you love the most. There are days where i get onto a very healthy mode and stick on to either overnight papaya oats or Chocolate Coffee Almond Granola jars in a determination to stay healthy and there are days where i indulge in a long love affair with all heavenly food be it Motichoor Ladoo or Rabri- Creamy Milk Dessert..

Its something about winters, that make you fall in love with food…apart from your couch, your quilt and arms of your man.. This carrot halwa is one such decadent dish, which you cannot stop at one bite, it would be a life long affair..carrot_halwa3

Freshly grated carrot stirred with ghee for a long time and as the aroma hits the big man’s nose, the happy face runs to kitchen to see his wife cooking one of his favorite childhood dessert. Slow cooking the grated carrot with milk and sugar, till it attains needed consistency and topped with all delicious nuts to have a gorgeous looking dessert to be all savoured and licked till the last bite. Now get on some energy to grate those carrots and serve it up over the weekend to woo your loved ones..

Type: Indian

Category: Dessert

Serves: 4-5

Time: 50-70 minutes


1 kg Delhi or regular carrots washed, peeled and grated (5 1/2 cups)

1/4 + 2-3 tbspn cup ghee

1/2 – 2-3 tbspn sugar(based on the sweetness of the carrot reduce the amount of sugar)

3 cups of milk

1tspn elaichi powder

3 tbspn of cashews and dry grapes sauted in ghee

Crushed almonds for garnishcarrot_halwa2


  1. In a big pan, add the grated carrots and stir fry till the raw smell goes away in a low heat, this will take a good 15-20 minutes.
  2. Once the raw smell goes away add the ghee and fry another 15-20 minutes, till the carrots have completely absorbed the ghee(you can be generous with the ghee and add in more, if needed)
  3. Once the carrots are nicely cooked with the ghee and you have a good aroma coming in, add the milk cup by cup and cook till the milk has evaporated to 3/4th and carrots completely cooked.
  4. Add the sugar(if using delhi carrots, the sugar needed will be less) slowly and stir till the sugar mixes well with the carrot and milk mixture and let it cook for another 15-20 minutes with frequent stirring.
  5. Add the cardamom powder and cook for another 10 minutes, with frequent stirring till the milk evaporates.
  6. Once you have attained the required consistency add the dried fruits, cook for few more minutes.
  7. Switch off the flame and garnish with sliced almonds and serve with a scoop of ice cream once cooled.img_1386


  1. The amount of ghee and milk depends on the carrots you choose.
  2. If using Delhi carrots, reduce the sugar.
  3. The whole dish needs to be cooked in low flame.






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