Mango Yogurt

Raise your hands if you are a yogurt fan, i am and i can literally live on the yogurt bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. What’s not to love in yogurt?? It’s like an old friend re assuring you things will be all fine and there is enough love in the world in the form of food.  It’s creamy, yummy, sweet and to top it all healthy filled with enough calcium to strengthen your bones. Though i love the store bought yogurt, the preservatives often make me think twice before buying it, as the whole family would substitute lunch with yogurt bowls and hence there was a need for me to make this at home.

For Indians mango yogurt is synonym to our mango shrikhand when you minus the elaichi(cardomom), saffron strands and sugar. The methodology is similar, you hung the curd the output is your plain greek yogurt,  puree the mango, blend both together with some honey and there you have your gorgeous looking mango yogurt to dive in.mango_yogurt_header

As an Indian you can never imagine any meal without curd, it forms a major part of your meal, often ending the meal with curd rice or curd and sugar, for it helps in digestion, helps boost your immunity, good for teeth and bones along with many beauty benefits for skin and hair.

There are few picky eaters with curd and then mom’s do magical things like creating these simple recipes, to let those picky eater devour into these asking for more. Apart from mango cheese cake my refrigerator is filled with these yogurt bowls, which not only are a great alternative for our regular dosa and idli in the mornings, but also a great dessert on weekends when you want to laze around. They stay fresh for upto 3-4 days in refrigerator, scoop in as much needed and place the bowl back to help it retain the freshness.

Make this delicious bowl of yogurt, before the mangoes are out of the market and enjoy them with some homemade granola . It is a 3 ingredient easy peasy recipe and mango can be replaced with any seasonal fruit available. mango_yogurt_piclast

Type: Continental

Category: Snack/Dessert

Makes: 6-7 small bowl

Time: 15 minutes + Set time of 2 hours + 4-5 hours for hung curd preparation


1 litre full fat curd(I got around 2 cups of hung curd/yogurt)

2-3 mangoes pureed

1-2 tbspn honey(optional)


  1. Make hung curd, by placing the curd in a muslin/cheese/kitchen cloth for 4-5 hours.
  2. Puree the mangoes.
  3. Blend the mango puree and hung curd along with honey for around 4-5 minutes, till the mixture becomes creamy and silky. You can actually see the silkiness when you mix in and you can’t stop licking in!!
  4. The hung curd/yogurt ratio with mango depends on the flavor you would need, i prefer more mango and hence added for 1 cup hung curd/yogurt a 3/4th cup mango puree. You could also use 1 full cup mango puree or 1/2 cup. There is no rule in here.
  5. Adjust the honey and set in refrigerator for couple of hours before serving.
  6. Top this with fruits or granola for a healthy breakfast.




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