Kadhi Pakoda(Chickpea flour spiced buttermilk with onion fritters)

Kadhi Pakoda, a dish i grew up having in all the seasons except that the pakodas made a rare entry into the kadhi. This is the comfort food in most parts of India with very little changes to the flavours to suit everyone’s need. You can pair it up with hot steaming rice or phulka/chapathi and you … More Kadhi Pakoda(Chickpea flour spiced buttermilk with onion fritters)

Chitranna (Seasoned Rice)

Growing up in a family filled with different generations has many learning’s to add to our lives. Each generation has a different definition for culture, our values, beliefs, lifestyle and not to forget the very existence the food!! Sometimes there are conflicts among the interests expressed by each generation, however when it comes to food all is … More Chitranna (Seasoned Rice)

Peanut Rice

We South Indians love our rice, as much as we love our family and friends. Not a single day passes by without having a morsel of this, the days we don’t have our rice are grey days, the life seems to come to standstill and the longing to have a bite of it keeps haunting, there is … More Peanut Rice