There are times where you feel you have landed in a perfect job, a well behaved toddler, a happy loving husband, a sweet home, love of near and dear…. Well that’s a perfect happily ever after. Isn’t it??

This was me until few months ago, one day i just woke up and felt lost in my very sweet nest amidst the love of my life..Only to realize all was perfect, however the little person inside me was lost to keep up the madness of the never ending mundane asks. A little introspection lead me to the path of connecting more with my camera and building a unique relationship with food. Until then the food was meant to satiate my appetite.. little did i know this unique bonding i was developing with the food would one day land me in here to explore my gastronomic sense.

Let’s agree ‘cooking is an art’ and mastering it is not an overnight affair but a never ending affair. The aroma of slow cooked spices encompassing your home on a rainy night, the freshly baked bread making you nostalgic, smearing warm butter on the freshly made toast, the sound of Indian tadka/tempering on dal, these are the everyday moments in my sweet little home which eliminate the mundanity and fill life with happiness of being among the things i love.

Unlike most of the cooks, i do not come from family of cooks. I have been learning and unlearning many things.

So here I am, Roopa  a novice cook in a journey to explore the best recipes out there, finding joy in my new found passion of cooking and photography and documenting the glimpses of my life with my toddler and sweet husband, who are united by our love for coffee and divided by our love for tea.

Join me in this journey and let me know how you feel about it!!!



















4 thoughts on “About

  1. Going through your narration along with the recipes is a nostalgic exercise for me; I cannot help but recall the days of my childhood with the aching fondness that comes of knowing that I will never get those days of innocence back.

    Thanks Roopa😊 for making me nostalgic and I sort of relive those moments all over again


    1. Thanks Divya, very glad to hear the memories in my recipes, made you nostalgic. Through this blog i want to relive the best days of my childhood and share with people like you.


  2. Hey Roopa.. beautiful pics and awesome food.. and your write ups complete the look of your blog.. keep up the good work 🙂


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