Bisi Bele Bath(Rice cooked with lentils and vegetables)

Monsoons are here and all we need is warm food, food that talks of comfort, food that talks about stories, food that reminds us of the warmth of mother’s love, food that reminds us of simplicity, food that bonds us. “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” -Paul Prudhomme As good food … More Bisi Bele Bath(Rice cooked with lentils and vegetables)

Mango Corn Salsa

If not for mangoes, summer could probably be the longest days to endure. The sweltering heat, long days, frequent power cuts, never ending trips to fruit market to stock up the fruits and most importantly kids vacation and the umpteen number of demands by them makes the summers not so sought of season until you … More Mango Corn Salsa

Mocha Cupcakes

Summer vacations are here, which means the kids are always around. Sweaty t-shirts, toys all around the home, paper boats and rockets floating and flying, homes filled with kids is a treat to watch. These are 60 days of pure joy every year for the kids, a time to grow, learn new things, make new … More Mocha Cupcakes

Apple Muffins

Oh well i agree, Summer is not a time for warm foods. Muffins as breakfast or dessert may be a nahhh as its all about chia pudding for breakfast and some yogurt for dessert. But with kids at home and when you are out of ideas after you have baked the banana breads/cupcakes, lemon cakes, orange cakes and the … More Apple Muffins

Tomato Rice

This tomato rice is all you need on a busy day for its filled with all the bold flavors from whole spices, the aromas of coriander and pudina leaves and sweet and acidity from tomatoes when blended with the right amount of spice powders with some boiled peas and there you have your perfect meal … More Tomato Rice

Strawberry Yogurt

Hello Everyone, first of all wish you all a happy new year. This space has been quiet for few months, a long hiatus. For those who are still around, thanks for sticking on. It’s a brand new year and staying fit and eating healthy would top most of the people’s list for new year resolution. … More Strawberry Yogurt